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2013-2014 Student Profiles

Marketing student - Megan Reed Management students - Fiona Leong, Alexandr Antonov Information Systems/Management student - John LaVanture Information Systems students - Nic Paz, Michael Aldrich Business Administration/Pre-Medicine - Kyle Cothran (now a medical student at Loma Linda) more »
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Allegra Stennett: International Business & French, Pre-Law

Graduation: December 2013 Major: BBA International French, BA French for International Trade, Pre-Law Dream Job: I have lots of ideas! I’d love to be executive of a charity, an expatriate, more »
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Michael Aldrich: Information Systems

Graduation: December 2013 Major: BBA Information Systems Dream Job: Hospital CEO, but my realistic goal is Chief Information Officer at a hospital. Hobbies: Weight-lifting, nutrition, playing violin, vocal soloist and more »
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Kyle Cothran: Pre-Medicine Business Administration

Graduation Year: May 2013 Major: BS Business Administration with Pre-Med emphasis, Minor in Chemistry Dream Job: Orthopedic Surgeon and Missionary Doctor Hobbies: Hockey, disc golf, hiking, camping, and basically anything more »
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Joann Yin: Finance

Graduation Year: May 2013 Major: BBA Finance Dream Job: Financial Planner/Manager in a non-profit organization Hobbies: Singing, hiking, playing piano (a little!), talking with friends, sleeping! Where are you from? more »
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