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Come join us on this exciting study tour from May  5 – June 1, 2014.  We’re going to:

  • Vienna – The beautiful capital city of Austria
  • Salzburg – Deep in the Austrian alps, this gorgeous city was home of Mozart & the Sound of Music
  • Bogenhofen – Classes will be held at our sister Adventist school, close to the Austrian/German border
  • Prague – Known as the city of 100 spires, this lovely city is the largest city in the Czech Republic


    mirabel aerial The classes offered for this study tour are:

  •  Intro to Global Business: Can be counted as  BSAD365 Int’l Environment of Business or as  an elective (either general elective or,  pending advisor approval, major elective). 3  credits. Dr. Ben Maguad.
  •  Cross-Cultural Business Communications:  Can be counted as an elective or as a Group  A elective with major advisor approval. 3  credits.  Dr. Carmelita Troy.


Contact Laura Johnston at, (269) 471-3627, for more information.