Anticipated Graduation Year: December 2013

Major: BBA International Business

Dream Job: Consultant at a Microfinancing organization.

Hobbies: Playing violin and mandolin, reading theology and design/architecture material, parkour, traveling, and learning languages (I speak some Spanish, Thai, Arabic, and a few words of Chinese).

Where are you from?

Northern California—I graduated from Rio Lindo Academy and my hometown is Willits, California. However, I recently moved to Benton Harbor, where I bought and am renovating a house.



Why did you decide to study International Business?

At first I became interested in AU’s architecture program.  I visited during my senior year at Rio Lindo and saw the SBA.  After seeing the International Business degree (I love traveling), I switched to business.

 What do you enjoy about AU’s School of Business Administration?

I feel like its perfect for International Business.  There are so many international faculty and students—I enjoy hanging out with friends from China, the Philippines, and all over the world.

Who is your favorite SBA professor?

Dr. Sarkar.  I took Operations Management with him, and it was eye opening to hear about his real-life experiences in Whirlpool and around the world—India , China, Italy, and here in the USA.

 What do you enjoy about International Business?

Business equips me to make a difference in the world and an impact with my life.  I love meeting people, traveling, and learning about other cultures. There’s lots of potential for business overseas right now, especially with development work.

 What kind of company or organization would you like to work for?

A microlending organization working in a developing country or one with unrealized market potential.

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